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My Game My Rules – Police Eyewear Lookbook Collaboration

Are you able to name me an eyewear brand which speaks of street style with slight hint of rebellion in it. POLICE got to be the one! Inspired by American “on the road” spirit, the personality of this brand is aggressive, non-conformist and even a little hedonistic. Just like what POLICE the brand represent, when it comes to fashion, it’s my game, my rule as I define the style I want. Fashion is something very judgmental. Someone may like the way you dress up but some may find it a fashion disaster. After all I think if you are able to carry off the style you like, or have confidence in what you wear, and people find it comfortable looking at the combination you have, I think you’ve probably did a great job. When I was given “The Quirky” look for this campaign, my first impression was… err.. what’s that? I did a little research online and notice that quirky isn’t simply just a fashion statement. It’s a way of being, always catching people who …

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So This is ROCCO Spotted at Gardens by the Bay and it’s Back Again!

Sponsored Advertorial Have you heard of this name ROCCO? What do you think this ROCCO name is? A gadget brand, fashion apparel label, electronics, name of a food? WRONG! ROCCO is actually an eyewear brand which is around during the 60s – 90s where 4 million frames was being sold which makes ROCCO an eyewear legend in Europe. This is a scanned copy of the catalogue way back in 1963. After going missing for so long, Rocco is back again! and guess where I found Rocco? At Gardens by the Bay! hahaha~ Noticed the color of the frames? it’s in green with a gradual gradient and marble prints at the top, which is why it appear in the award winning Gardens by the Bay as a perfect pair of glasses is much needed for you to enjoy the scenic and breathtaking views here. Spot that signature yellow ring? 🙂 BUT! Rocco will not be staying here at the Gardens for long as it’s always on the move. Wanna know where Rocco will head to next …

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The Perfect Sunglasses for a Beach Holiday

Sponsored Advertorial What you shouldn’t miss out other than sun block or sun tan lotion when you go for a beach holiday? Sunglasses! yes~ other than protecting your skin from the UV rays, sunglasses helps to protect your eyes from the glaring sun too! Other then those black frames that most people would usually go for as it’s a much safer colour and easier to match with, i picked a pair of white frame sunglasses from POLICE for my Hat Yai trip last year and i think it looks pretty COOL and GOOD! 😉

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