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Capturing the Joyous Moments with La Sardina PLUS Win 10 Piggy Points!

LoBlography Blogger Challenge If you do not know yet, which you shouldn’t, i’m one of the finalists for the Singapore LoBlography Blogger Challenge! No idea what’s that, never mind, go read here and you’ll know. So finally collected my developed photos and i was thinking of how should i present those images to you guys. If i were just to paste them one by one in this entry, it’ll be kinda boring right? SO, what i thought of is to piece them up into a photo slideshow with a nice music (cos it’s sang by my fav artist) and that will more or less help you guys to understand the theme of my photos right? and here it is! seriously, i quite satisfied with it!! (ps: there’s some mistakes in the typo but i too lazy to reedit and reupload onto youtube as it’s taking ages to upload ~~~)

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