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Vote for Your Favourite “Durex P.S : I Love You” Safe Sex Videos Today!

P.S : I Love You Campaign Still remember my previous entry about the Holly Jean Sex Tape? If not, go read about it here. Was invited to a Video Preview Party held at the Majestic Hotel last week together with a few other bloggers as we will be judging the top 8 videos submitted for the “Safe Sex Tape” Video Making Competition whereby participants were required to film and submit a video not more than 5 mins to educate youths on the importance of safe sex, at the same time incorporating the phrase “P.S. I Love You” in it.

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The Truth Behind Holly Jean Sex Tape with an Ang Moh, P.S : I Love You

P.S : I Love You Campaign Before i proceed, do you know that there’s this video of holly jean caught on bed with ang moh circulating around? This “sex tape” was released on 26 November on local forums and websites intentionally. In the video, Holly Jean was captured saying the phrase  “P.S. I Love You”. So any idea what does P.S. I Love You means? It’s a message that extends to the youths themselves , their sexual partners and friends…

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