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Cha Ba Lang Blogging Part 6

Yoohoo! It’s Cha Ba Lang Blogging time! these images was taken like a month ago and was supposed to be published like quite some time ago but i only managed to do so NOW! haha~ better to be late than never ma~

Lunch set meal at Pura Vida. Ard $10+ per person which includes a salad OR soup, a drink, a main course of your choice. We ordered the fish & chips. Not bad. got the hoe garden taste haha~

Mee siam breakfast with half boiled egg and kopi at the newly open cafe near my place in sengkang. That Coffee Place.

Received this parcel in my mailbox from singpost

with a free sample shaver in it… no review as i’ve yet to use it ahahaha 😛

Dim Sum breakfast at buangkok, our favourite dim sum breakfast location. very nice dim sum 😉

Bought this from NTUC. Banana Nut Crunch for my daily morning breakfast. Quite nice leh~ gonna try the other series once i’ve finished this 😉

yeah~ and that’s about all for my cha ba lang blogging. Since it’s cha ba lang blogging, it’s supposed to end very abruptly one ok! haha~ alright i’ve got alot more blog post to write and to share with you guys. SO… do remember to check back here daily ok! (or once every 2 days? or once a week also can la~ as long as you come back here again hahaha 😛 )

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