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Food Hunting At Katong

Met up with my bbfs on sunday afternoon for some food hunting at katong area as my friends are heading there for a haircut 🙂

Our first station :

KOI CAFE Bubble Tea!

(83 Marine Parade Central
#01-562 S440083)

Been craving for it since quite a few weeks ago. Still remember there was one night when knocked off from work and decided to walk my way from tanjong pagar to chinatown, just to get a cup of koi bubble milk tea, but was rejected as they’ve stop the last order 😦

So from that incident onwards, it increases my craving for a cup of koi bubble tea even more! Therefore i mustn’t miss it this time round!

Here’s our order! trying out the 爱玉冰茶 instead of my usual 珍珠奶茶…

WEE~ enjoying my Koi bubble tea with pei wen! Very refreshing taste from my 爱玉冰茶~

After our KOI bubble tea, we went for some window shopping while waiting for my friends to get their hair cut, before heading for our next food hunt station!




Second Station :

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice

(Katong Shopping Centre #B1-85/87)

The famous chicken rice located at the Katong shopping centre. We will definitely go for this chicken rice whenever we are there for KTV session at Teo Heng.

Free Flow of Achar ( pickled cucumber and pineapple ), very appetizing!

Roast Chicken! Yummy~

and an additional egg for me! 😀

It’s really tasty, especially with the chilies, the dark sauce.. mmm~ Marvelous! 😀  I order myself a set, which consists of a plate of chicken rice, a plate of chicken breast me ( i love breast meat but i know some of u out there dislikes it haha~), a bowl of cabbage soup and free flow of achar, all for $4.50 only! cheap right?

After a satisfying meal, its time for some desserts~!




Last Station :

夏日霜 Summer Frost

( 41 East Coast Road )

We are attracted by the interior of the stall, though is really simple, nothing very fascinating about, but i love the colour scheme that they’ve used! it makes me felt so cooling when i stepped in. We even start visualizing that we are now in a ice dessert stall in 垦丁, and looking out of the shop, its the beach with people surfing, sun tanning.. lol! we have very creative imagination huh?! *i think it’s due to my crave for another taiwan trip la~*

Here comes our dessert!!!

Cheeky Chimp

Grape Rape


* ps. guess which is my phone? 😛 *

A few shot of the sunset before we end our food hunt session at katong.

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thank you very much! 感谢您咯!

IMG_1082 by you.

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