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Flood At Orchard Road!

Wasn’t in a very good mood this morning as i was kinda reluctant to head out of home, especially when it’s raining that heavily. But, afterall i still needa go for work. When i reach tanjong pagar, it was still raining very heavily and roads and pavements are flooding. Tried avoiding those flooded area but in the end, i totally give up and my shoes are soaking wet right now.

But, i think mine wasn’t the worse yet! Look at the flood in orchard road!! it’s so so terrible! i think i can see burgers floating around from wendy and starbucks coffee powder for adding on to the muddy water. lol!

* Credit to Vin Go

* credit to Ming Quan

* Credit to TechieLobang

* Credit to jaypdv

* Credit to MichaelSIN5

* Credit to kissbangclap

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  5. Upin: macam mana ni ipin kita kebanjiran…? kate opah banjir itu rahmat Tuhan kan ipin!

    Ipin : betul..betul..betul.., Jom kita maen perahu saja! lebih seronok pula…

  6. junus saujana says

    singapore mid year great sale.. very-very free water for every one.hehehe hurry up don’t miss its……….

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