Month: February 2009

I’m still around ~

Haha.. its been so long since i last updated my blog.. really sorry ah.. will fork out some time to post on my chinese new year but meanwhile.. busy with work and s.h.e sg promo stuff so i think i’ll not be able tp update after they’ve left singapore.. so stay tunned to the blog ok? shall update you guyz on their sg promo schedule in the next post =)

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最后一次现场观看妆艺大游行应该是我还在读小学的时候吧。 之后都是透过电视转播观看游行。 昨天下午得知花车将会走入盛港一代的组屋区,便决定和我妈一块去观赏花车,凑凑热闹。 按照节目表上的行程,花车将会在9.30分左右抵达,而我们在9点钟左右就抵达现场,想找个好位置观看游行。 现场的行人道上已挤满了人群,有爸爸妈妈带着小孩的,外公外婆带着孙子的,情侣,异族同胞以及老外都来凑热闹哦!

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