Month: December 2008

Xmas Eve celebration

Presents for my colleague On xmas eve, it was raining cats and dogs in the morning, therefore i’ve decided to take a cab to work. Left home at ard 9am and waited for more than an hour for a cab! tried booking for one but there’s no cabs at all ard my area.. wth! damm pissed… so, i ended up taking a bus to work instead and reached my office at 10.40am!!! omg.. the first time i reached office that late..

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On Friday (19/12), claimed my half day pm off and went over to the indoor stadium to help out in the Fahrenheit poster exchange event.  Left the office at ard 3pm and reached there at around 4pm. To my surprise, there wasn’t a lot of people queuing up for the poster exchange.. so, was rather relaxed when i reached there haha.. slacked awhile, chi chat, take photo.

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A short little Shopping Spree

Woo.. finally at last…. it’s been months since i last went bugis street and yup, i finally went today. was actually going over to arab street to get those blings for my business but we’re kinda late when we arrived there.. and since we’re there, i’ve decided to take this good opportunity to bugis street. by the way, i went with my mum hahaha. first we walked from arab street to bugis junction, then to topshop as i’m sooooo attracted to the variety of clothings they have over there.. lots of nice sweaters and CHECKERED shirts !!! wooo, tempted to get myself one. it cost ard $79 for a shirt and my mum actually told me to get one for myself since i’m now working and should be able to buy some stuff i like. haha.. but in the end i decided to try my luck at bugis street instead..

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