Month: August 2007

Updates: Darren 21st Birthday Party~!

okok.. haha.. finallyy.. yes finally i’m done with the pics for my 21st birthday party. the pics below are those that was taken with my camera.. there’s still some in dia’s cam but needa meet up with her then can collect from her..  alright a recap of that day scenario.. was on duty on friday but the person doing night duty was on mc and they din arrange anyone to take over his duty, therefore i no choice have to do lor… shit manz.. but luckily i got bring those crystals and caps to finish up all of them.. finished everything ard 1+ to 2am before i go to sleep. left camp at ard 10+ in the morning the next day. reached home, rest for a well and headed to city hall for the FC major meeting as S.H.E is coming.. before heading to city hall, i met marlene at sunshine to collect the crew tees.. and guess wat. the aunty print the logo wrongly lor.. but luckily she quickly changed for us and din’t …

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Stay tunned for UPDATES~!

okok.. i know i’ve not been updating for very long.. got alot of photos to upload and videos as well.. so guyz be patient yea.. haha.. the yu le gen pi chong will be ready soon la.. i’ll be updating pic of my birthday and S.H.E Trip real soon.. hopefully by this week.. hehe

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