Month: July 2007


ok.. almost a week never update le.. gonna do it now. =)  alright where to start? ok shall start on last friday.. took a half day off and went to katong teo heng with dia, zw and yy for some singing session.. damm happy and high haha.. sing the S.H.E songs that we’ve been looking forward to lol~ zw and dia bought alot of tibits and drinks.. was really a fun and great session. after the session, we went to the hawker center beside yy camp and he claims the food there is nice.. so we went there for our dinner.. we ordered the indian rojak, the cheng teng ( which is very popular there), some chicken fried rice, roti john and tonic soup.. wa… was so full lor… overall i would say the food there taste yummy~! especially the soup and the cheng teng. roti john as well. after dinner, we took a bus home. throughout the journey, me, dia and zw was playing our DS LITE.. mario kart and bomberman.. sooooo FUN! * sorry …

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