Month: January 2007

I’m SICK and TIRED of My Current life.! Depression…

i wondered… if i’m suffering from depression.. lots of stuff have happen and i’m about to break down.. i’m tired.. really tired.. would ending my life a way to ease my sufferings or its just an excuse to run away from the reality? i’m confused.. i hate where i’m at, what i’m doing and everything just sucks… pls… give me back wat i used to be…

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Sianz, Sad, Depress… …

Its 7.17am in the mornin and i’m in my office blogging.. It was really very sad to say goodbye to Selarang camp. i’m now posted to amoy quee camp, 2SIR, as a storeman. but due to my medical status i redirected to S4 branch, currently doing admin work here. may probably become a armsquad.. haiz.. so sianz lo.. some fo the people are quite friendly while some just…. shall not elaborate on it. supposing to be stay in but S4 branch personnel are stayinh out and after telling my oc regarding my current situation, he agrees on me staying out. but who knows when we may need to stay in? but for the time being, i should be happy le ba. I really missed my days in Selarang Camp, really enjoyable, although the 1st few days sucks.. haha alright been making lots of acessories recently. Here are some on sale. anyone interested? leave me a msg =) Visit methodcreationz for photos =)

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Here comes the photos~!

Alright.. back with the photos.. hahaha. shall not say so much.. just a small recap will do.. went out on 31-12-2006 for countdown and on 01-01-2007 for zw brithday celebration at k box for k buffet~! haha.. short and simple right? ok, so here comes the photos~! wahahah ahha.. more updates to come hehe.. =P

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