Month: October 2006

Time for UPDATE~! hahah

alright.. shall update my bloggie once again.. first shall start on the interesting stuff that happened in the camp.. was helping out in the store in filling up of jelly cans, packing of food rations etc.. its really very very slack there lo.. haha.. we report to the stall at 7 and we sit in the store, watching tv, channel u for 933 radio and sleep there till ard 10.30 and we went to pack the food ration for the rest that was having their live firing range.. after packing of the food, we went back to the canteen for lunch.. hahaha.. better and nicer food there. i’m not saying that the food from the cookhouse sucks.. haha.. sometimes the food taste real great over there too.. after lucnh, we went back to store and watch tv, sleep, then go back bunk to slack abit and go bath.. after that ard, 4pm, we went to pack the food rations for dinner.. this time round we ate half spring chicken and rice from the cookhouse.. not …

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ATT C Fever~~~

was back home on friday afternoon.. having fever in the morning. went to the mo and was given 2 days of mc to go back home and rest.. when i reach home, had a very good rest.. and my temperature went down in the night.. Life of OOT people are rather relax but boring at times.. sometimes we’re so bored that we really sit at the tables outside the office and stonned… but luckily, there’s something for me and kenneth to do.. we went to the training HQ and help out in the sorting of training lesson booklet.. been working on the design of stuff for S.H.E trip in singapore.. some pics below of wat i’ve done recently. haha.. there’s one pic that i can’t post up yet as it’s for selina birthday cake.. so gonna keep it as a surprise.. so far hmm.. only dia and jasmine saw it LOL~~ haha.. Hebe new hairstyle design hahaha Sianz.. having a flu right now while updating my blog…

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Something terrible happened~!!!

ok here i’m blogging.. surprise to see my post at this time? its monday. 10.05am and i’m actually updating my blog here haha.. becos i’m having ATT C now.. having diarrhoea since last thursday and got well on wednesday.. but its back again on sat evening.. therefore i went to the A & E on sunday morning and was given a 2 day mc.. something happend on friday evening.. as my leg was aching.. i was given permission to use the lift in camp.. My sir was looking for me as i’m booking out on friday night and i need to get my OFF pass from him.. so i took a lift down.. but who noes, i so SUAY~~~~~ suddenlyt blackout and i’m trapped inside the lift lo.. stucked between level 3 and 2.. been trapped inside for almost and hr ba.. with very minimum amout of air.. alot of bunk mates came to me and see if i’m fine.. thanks to them for the concern.. and my buddy, kenneth was there throughout to acc …

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