Month: November 2005

S.H.E "Once Upon A Time" New Album Release Info

There will not be pre-ordering for their album this time round. However, H.I.M will be be giving the “pre-order” items from Taiwan, as well as an exclusive pass for “S.H.E S’pore Autograph Session”.Pls support S’pore version!!********************************SHE的新專輯〈不想長大〉新加坡將不會做預購活動,但是在專輯發行當天(11/25日),歌迷在購買專輯時,也能夠選擇要桌曆或月曆雖然新加坡沒有辦預購,但我們還是會隨SHE的專輯附贈“台灣的預購贈品”預購贈品(只限首批):1) 台灣進口S.H.E精美造型2006年桌曆或月曆2) S.H.E娃娃小寫真3) S.H.E新加坡簽名會通行政(簽名會當天歌迷只能憑通行政入場,索取S.H.E的簽名!) 發行日當天領貨~

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Finally assessment over and i’ve not been updating recently so its time to do so.. Went for interview for attachment on monday with diana and got the job. reported for work on thursday.. it was soooo SHITZ lor.. doing those shit stuff. drawing calendar planner pasting sticker all this shit was wat we’re doing there.. and i always have to go out for shooting with them.. but guess wat that makes me damm pissed? u r given a bus guide, the location, and u go find ur way there.. WTF~! and u find ur way home from the location too.. What is this man~!!! shit one lor.. then u r allowed to take cab only if they told u to.. if not no way.. i really hate this man.. only yesterday then i manage to do some editing of photo montaging on the com.. PLS stop asking mne to go deliever goods and stuff and PAY my OWN transport for doing that.. i’m not there to deliver goods ~! get those stuff with bikes to …

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