Month: June 2005

Long Time No Blog~

haha YOZ~!!!! everyone..long time no blog le. haha.. finally having the urge to blog again now.. hmm do a very fast recap of wat i’m doing since my last blog.. hmm have been rushing like hell for assessment… and helping the third year student avp final project.. was fun gaining those experiences. during the holiday did nothing much.. rottin at home i would say.. went to rac house and stay for a night for mahjong session, then pw and rac came to my house and stay overnite for mahjong session too. on the same week diana, jamie, marc and jasmine can to my house and stayed overnite while we watched the jue dui superstar thingy, went k box etc.. and not forgetting watching video tapes of energy that i’ve recorded for ah mei.. haha.. watched 2 movies during the holiday.. the madascagar and mr & mrs smith.. madascagar was great in the animation but not really the storyline.. when it ends, i was like “dud.. so wat is it about.. the end of the show?? …

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